Simplified Service Delivery

If you run a shared service centre or BPO,
enate simplifies how you deliver.

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Get to Good, fast, with enate.


Track and manage everything that’s happening in your service centre. Get complete visibility of real-time issues & past performance. Simplify to get the clarity to see and the power to act.


Give team leaders the tools to be proactive managers rather than fire-fighters. Let Service Directors see activity costs and the data to implement lean & six sigma so improvements stick.


Create standard services and choose purposeful variations where customers need them. Enate clients deploy new services to their new customers in hours.


Let your people concentrate on delivering service while enate handles the tracking and control for them. Robotic process control seamlessly co-ordinates activity across your other systems and automates many manual activities.


Help your team deliver instant responses to customers. Enate takes control of all inbound & outbound communications, giving you a single view of your interactions. Enate allows customers to access services on the device they choose – fast.

Superfast Set Up


With enate’s proven case management solutions, you can be delivering service to new clients within hours.





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How Much Could You Save?

enate for You

Enate helps many different kinds of companies deliver fantastic service.

HR Service Centres

Enate helps shared service providers like Sopra improve their internal shared services.


High Growth Service Providers

Need to be ready for rapid growth? Enate helps expanding payroll solutions business like SGWI.




Enate India helps companies like Cbensol to achieve significant operational improvements.


Large Scale Outsourcing

Companies like Capgemini use enate to great effect throughout their outsourcing operations.



Experience enate

See how enate can help people at every level of your organisation.

Exec Team

Give your executive team all-round visibility to help identify risk & check SLA adherence.

Team Lead

Let your Team Leads manage with intuitive controls & real-time operational data.

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Help agents get complete clarity on what to do next and support them with embedded best practice.

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Give employees intuitive online self service access & world-class knowledge to answer their questions.

Our Clients

Enate’s software is used by some of the biggest names in Shared Services & Outsourcing.

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Enate partners with best in class companies to help deliver the best service to you.



Enate has partnered with Tableau, the world’s leading data visualisation and BI tool, to create our Enate Dashboarding solution. This makes playing with data and answering questions child’s play, allowing managers to identify problems and improvements based on the rich data enate makes available.



Enate Knowledge has been created in partnership with from Transversal, the world leaders in contextual knowledge for HR service delivery. Powered by the revolutionary PrescienceTM knowledge engine, enate Knowledge provides amazing natural language searching capabilities to better predict users’ needs.

Our UK Business Offices

Our UK Business Offices

Our India Business Offices

Our India Business Offices

Enate Dashboards


Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Stephen is an experienced Go To specialist who shapes disruptive marketing propositions then works tirelessly with customers to develop compelling business cases. Prior to enate, Stephen founded BAM Advisory LTD, an innovation hub promoting industry utilities and best practices within financial services, this leveraging 10 years’ experience advising Global & UK Banks on Business Process Management strategy and de-risked execution approaches.

In his spare time Stephen is a fully qualified foster carer who enjoys the challenges of mentoring looked after children.


Uday Jose

Uday Jose

Uday heads up Enate India. His role involves running operations and business development in the APAC region. Uday worked for Enate in the UK for 4 years heading up Global Support for customers in 52 countries, and setup Quality, Enate Hub (knowledge) and Release functions for Enate.

Uday is an entrepreneur at heart, and previously ran his own business in the UK which he exited in 2009. His other experience includes roles with leading global tech companies including HCL-Perot (Dell), Oracle and also start-ups which he is passionate about. Outside the office Uday loves a good laugh and martial arts (Aikido-Te).. so be nice..


Peter Williamson

Peter Williamson_smaller_217_lighter

Peter is Chairman of Enate and has wide ranging experience of mentoring and growing smaller companies. Peter has extensive experience in the outsourcing industry, having lead ITNET (a major vendor subsequently acquired by Serco) through an MBO of £32m through to flotation of £256m in 3 years. He has a track record of building excellent customer relationships whilst earning good profits, realigning services to meet emergent market trends and installing high morale and low turnover in staff.

Amongst his other businesses, Peter also owns a brewery.


Kit Cox

Kit Cox

Kit is an entrepreneur with 15 years experience in the BPO and technology industries. As founder, he has provided the vision and drive behind enate. Kit is passionate about the benefits that great outsourcing and shared service organisations can bring and is keen to make sure they meet expectations by combining them with great technology.

Prior to founding enate, Kit worked at PA consulting where he specialised in IT and Business Process Outsourcing transactions.  He has a 1st Class BEng (hons) degree in manufacturing & engineering systems and spent his early career as a manufacturing engineer & software developer.

In his spare time Kit is a mean cook and loves nothing more than catering small hordes.